About Mental Health

There is a full spectrum of mental health issues affecting millions of individuals across this country and throughout the world. Despite the many afflictions and victims, there is still a lack of discussion and understanding in the general media about what these illnesses are and how they can be effectively treated.

Mental Health Resources

Resources for understanding mental health issues are much more prevalent and accessible today than in generations past. We have outlined some basic facts and information for you on this site to help get you started. There is a wealth of information available and we encourage you to learn as much as you can.

The Bio-Psycho-Social Approach

Bio-psycho-social approach to mental health and wellnessIt is important to understand that any mental illness is more than just a mental state, and it should be targeted on all levels to be truly treated.

  • Biology (Bio) – The body, it’s physical health and chemical state. Physical fitness can be as impactful on your mental state as the chemicals in your system and your state of mind.
  • Psychology (Psycho) – Your internal mental state is in constant flux, but a spiral of guilt or despair can lead to depression and serious mental risk. Examining your own emotional fluctuations can reveal clues to your best course of treatment.
  • Relationships and Interactions (Social) – Outside of yourself, there is an entire world that affects your mental state. For some, outside influences are stronger than internal ones and some interactions can be toxic. It is important to always be active in creating the best environment for you.