Our Clinical & Safety Results

We were the first physicians to clinically provide TMS treatments in the New York Metro area and one of the first 10 clinical pioneers in the United States. At this time we have performed close to 3000 treatments in about 100 patients.

Our TMS Clinical Results
    • 90% response rate
    • 70% remission rate
    • Side effects limited to minor headache

Results based upon our first 50 patients completing our unique 30 session protocol.

In a study of 100 of our first patients, we have seen some remarkable recoveries: There have been examples of patients with treatment resistant depression who have tried every medication available over many years that achieved full remission after a course of TMS therapy. We have treated patients from the ages of 17 to 92. See Patient Testimonials

Click Here To Download our Clinical Results of our First 100 Patients Presented at the 2013 TMS Clinical Society, APA – San Francisco.

In patients who have completed our specific 30-session protocol, we have seen a positive response of 90% of those patients with remission of over 71%. Our experience also tells us that in general, we can say that the less severe the depression and the shorter time that someone is depressed seems to be correlated with shorter treatment times and quicker recovery. We are using a combination of our Bio-Psycho-Social depression approach—utilizing additional biological, psychological and environmental treatments.

We believe this unique approach has provided our patients with life changing results and one of the core reasons we have seen a success rate greater than the clinical trial results and more successful than those with less experience. Please note patient results may vary.

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